Do you crave the support of someone who will walk with you through the challenges and dance with you during the celebrations? I want to be that person for you.

When was the last time a health care professional sat down and really listened to what you had to say about the way it feels to live in your body? And offered you a variety of options that YOU had a say in choosing?

My main goal as a wellness practitioner is to first LISTEN to you – your circumstances, feelings, fears, goals and dreams – and then to guide you through setting sustainable goals that fit into your life, feel good and get you where you want to be. I facilitate lifestyle and behavior change that will make you feel like you are thriving and living a JOY-full life. Whether it’s related to a relationship of trust with your body, healthy eating, weight loss, navigating food sensitivities/allergies, or repairing gut health to not only boost overall health but reduce systemic inflammation and improve mental/emotional and brain health I am here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Together we will focus on everything that goes into supporting a life of greater health – food, yes, but also joyful movement, the relationships you cultivate, career, education, spirituality, and so much more. You as a person are more than what you eat – therefore your health is made up of more than what you eat as well. We will look at the bigger picture and decide where to cultivate change and shifts so that you can live a life that feels GOOD.

I offer several different coaching options. Let’s chat to determine what works best for your current situation!

  • One-on-one coaching: through three or six month programs that are built to fit YOU we will meet in person or virtually for two 60-minute sessions a month with support via email and messenger in between. This includes worksheets, learning resources, guided activities, tracking materials, free access to workshops and more.
  • Wellness groups: several times a year I open up wellness groups centered around a specific goal (cleanse/detox, cultivating self-love, etc.)
  • Wild Joy Collective: this option is perfect for those who have finished their 3 or 6-month program or who aren’t ready or able to commit to one-on-one coaching. This on-going interactive wellness group based on the Marco Polo Channels app provides group coaching that you participate in on your own timeline for a small monthly fee.
  • I am also available for workshops, lunchtime lectures and speaking events. Please inquire about topic and pricing.
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